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About Equine-Guided Coaching and Kelly Jacobsen

Learn how Horse Language speaks directly to our hearts, our minds and our bodies.


EGC is for people who would like to nurture their personal or professional lives by learning how to connect with horses by using their innate non-verbal and intuitive abilities.  We do this by respectfully allowing the horse to teach us Equus – the language of the horse. It is a quiet yet powerful way of being that we rarely get to experience in our busy modern world.

My name is Kelly Jacobsen, and it is my mission to bring people and horses together in a way that empowers you to develop a direct relationship with the horse – a relationship full of compassion, understanding, and beauty- and to make personal development a little more…well, fun!  I believe horses have a special gift for humankind. They have a mysterious and uncanny ability to guide us towards our truest selves…a person who is deeply connected to what we care about and who has the skills and confidence to forge our unique path and share our gifts with the world.

Without a knowledge of Equus, many of the horse’s lessons are lost on us…like a neon sign written in a foreign language.  ‘Speaking’ in Equus feels like a game, a conversation and a dance all rolled into one. That is why the first step in the EGC process is to learn how horses communicate, think and feel. This requires an exploration of the universal features of non-verbal communication. Our bodies, energy and intentions are constantly sending out messages to the horse and to everyone we interact with…and it’s not always the message we intended!

I have spent a lifetime studying horses and the past 10 years devoted to exploring how people can communicate ‘like a horse’.  Through my own observations and insights while bringing hundreds of people and horses together as a riding and horsemanship instructor, and through the formal and informal study of human psychology and body language, I have developed a unique approach to help you create a genuine connection with the horse so he can guide you towards your true north!