About EGPG

At Find Your North, we practice Equine-Guided Personal Growth – a unique blend of Equine-Guided Education (cognitive awareness-based) and Equine-Assisted Personal Development (non-resistance horsemanship-based).  

This is an innovative approach to both personal development and horsemanship where the horses are the teachers! And why wouldn’t they be? We are seeking what they have already mastered…

  • an effortless awareness of self/others/environment,
  • connecting to and trusting our senses and intuition,
  • acting with conviction on our own behalf,
  • feeling ‘landed’ in our own bodies,
  • possessing a true strength that is balanced with vulnerability, and
  • being an active and valued part of a herd, just to name a few.

Without a knowledge of horse language, known to some as ‘Equus’, many of the horse’s lessons are lost on us…like a neon sign written in a foreign language.  ‘Speaking’ in Equus feels like a dance, a conversation and a game of chess all rolled into one…but there really are no words to express what it is like! You have to experience it for yourself! That is why the first step in the EGPG process is to learn how horses communicate, think and feel, and explore of the universal features of non-verbal communication.

While many equine programs bring people and horses together for personal growth and healing, Equine-Guided Personal Growth is unique in it’s ability to give you the tools you need to develop a direct relationship with the horse – to have a conversation in Equus – and see yourself and the world from a fresh perspective.