About Kelly

kellysmileWelcome to Find Your North! My name is Kelly Jacobsen, and it is my heartfelt wish to introduce you to the life-changing wisdom that horses can offer to you when you develop an authentic relationship with them – a relationship full of compassion, understanding, grace and beauty- and to make ‘personal development’ a little more fun in the process!  

Horses have a mysterious and uncanny ability to guide us towards our truest selves…a person who is deeply connected to what we care about and who has the skills and confidence to forge our unique path and share our gifts with the world. I was my own first test subject and the creation of Find Your North is the outcome of my journey through the Equine-Guided Personal Growth process. It is a profound joy to share this transformative approach with others and to witness all of our positive changes.

With a background in environmental science and a life-long draw to horses and nature, I have devoted the past 15 years to the exploration of equine psychology and how people can communicate more ‘like a horse’.  Through my own observations and insights while bringing hundreds of people and horses together as a riding and horsemanship instructor, and through the formal and informal study of human psychology and body language, I have developed a unique approach to help you create a genuine connection with the horse…so he/she can guide you towards your true north!