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What Horses Teach: Introduction to the Find Your North Blog

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Our world needs the horse – more now than we ever have. No longer to plow our fields or carry us into battle, but to help heal our wounds, guide us to become better versions of ourselves and to show us what a non-predatory style of leadership looks like.

This is a shift in paradigm from the traditional ‘we train the horse to be less horse-like’ to ‘the horse teaches us to be more horse-like’.  Beyond the positive outcomes this shift can offer us both personally and collectively, my deepest wish is that it will also lead to horses being recognized and valued beyond their ability to perform for us in work or sport – to be valued as the sensitive, sentient beings they are.

This blog will explore the ways that horses can teach us valuable lessons when we learn their language and can have an authentic conversation with them. We will share inspiration and tips on how to better communicate with horses and each other, enthuse on all things related to compassionate horsemanship and personal development, and review some the latest research and literature in the area of the animal/human bond. My hope is that it will be heart-warming, thought provoking and inspirational…just like the horse!