Getting Started

Are you ready to get REAL – have a courageous conversation with the horse, get to the heart of the matter, burst through old limitations and move forward on your path with passion and purpose? This is what Equine-Guided Personal Growth can deliver and the horses want to meet you and show you in person what words cannot describe…a powerful, compassionate and enlightening experience that is as limitless as you are.

For those who are ready to jump right in –

  1. Contact Kelly (see Contact Page) to book your private session.
  2. Download and complete our Waiver and Media Release.
  3. Prepare to experience the horse and yourself in a whole new way!

For those who prefer to tip-toe in –

  1. Contact Kelly to arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation to welcome you to the farm, meet the horses and learn more about how Equine-Guided Personal Growth can work for you.
  2. When you are ready to embark on your EGPG journey, book your own private session.
  3. Download and complete our Waiver and Media Release.

1. Find Your North Personal Liability Waiver fillable

2. FYN Media Release Fillable