Meet Ithaca

Ithica photo fixed

Hi! My name is Ithaca and I have spent the past 9 years patiently guiding and instructing my human to be a ‘better horse’. I’ve heard my human say that being a better horse also makes her feel like a better person – I’ll have to take her word for that…who know’s what you humans do once you leave in your strange metal carriages or go into the large boxy caves that you live in – but I like the thought that I’ve helped her.

I’m glad I was given a whole page to introduce myself because I really like talking! I am a strong, beautiful and graceful horse and I don’t mind being compared to Black Beauty – even though he was a boy. He was pretty cool I guess, because it was his story that was the starting point for my human on her road to trying to understand and communicate with horses, and because of that I’ve never had to work very hard! Not like poor Beauty…

Being a sensitive soul, I often find myself in a tug-of-war between playing it safe and stepping up to the plate to show the other horses what I am made of. However, one of the things that is really special about me is that even though I can be a little bit bossy sometimes and a scaredy cat other times, I really like helping people learn how to speak my language and develop their leadership skills. Maybe it’s because I feel safer when I have a strong, kind and confident human around to help out just in case the Purple Horse-Eating Monsters come…or maybe it’s because I’m kind of a free spirit who loves to dance, and you guys have some pretty cool moves…even though you only have two legs. Come dance with me and my friends!