Fluent Horsemanship

A horsemanship approach built on the horse’s language that teaches you how to think like a horse and move like a horse – and in the process become the kind of person the horse needs you to be!

Every move a horse makes – a flick of a tail, a shift of weight, a curve of the neck or the tightening of a lip – has meaning. When we miss these messages or interpret them inaccurately, we erode our relationship, undermine the horse’s confidence in us and could inadvertently put ourselves in an unsafe position. If you have always wanted to deepen your relationship with the horse, Fluent Horsemanship is for you. It is a relationship-focused approach that is based in equine psychology and uses a unique blend of positive, non-resistance methods – never force or domination.

During Fluent Horsemanship sessions you will gain competency & confidence in areas such as:

  • The 3 basic energies that horses use in non-verbal communication, which one of the three is your natural ‘super power’, and which one is holding your horsemanship back.
  • Learning to recognize, read and appropriately respond to your horse’s messages – interpreting the WHY (i.e. fear, exuberance, pain, etc.) is as important as the WHAT
  • Creating mutual healthy personal space boundaries and how this one simple change can massively transform your relationship with the horse
  • Recognizing how emotions show up in your body and how this influences your work with the horse
  • Healthy equine leadership qualities and how to earn the horse’s respect and trust
  • And much, much more!

Fluent Horsemanship is not a riding class, although much of what you will learn will easily translate to the saddle. Activities will be ground-based such as leading, lunging, grooming and liberty exercises. These sessions are fully customizable and perfect for any horse-lover…from the total beginner who would like a solid start to their horse journey, to an experienced horse-owner who would like to take their equine communication skills to the next level or overcome a particular road-block in their relationship with their horse. Sessions are available on-site with the Find Your North Herd or at your farm with your own horse (additional travel fee may apply).