The Equus Code

A revolutionary ‘Body Language re-boot’ course designed to allow horses, the masters of non-verbal communication, help us de-code where we get ‘stuck’ in our bodies. Guaranteed to get you out of ‘auto-pilot’ mode and become a body language boss!

Did you know that some experts estimate that up to 90% of our communication is non-verbal? Most of this happens unconsciously. What’s worse, when we get lost in reactive patterns of behavior we can unintentionally send ‘mixed-messages’ which complicate our interactions with others. Because this is a uniquely human phenomenon, it can be very difficult to learn authentic non-verbal communication from another person! Fortunately for us, horses are excellent teachers of Equus, their non-verbal language, and give us the opportunity to practice our body language in a real, tangible, experiential (and fun!) way.

During the Equus Code Program you will learn the art of ‘speaking horse’ and achieve a new level of awareness of how your body communicates. The Equus Code is unlike any other communication or body language program because you will be challenged to over-ride your own human DNA and consciously choose to move and think like a horse – it is impossible to stay in autopilot mode!

With 30 years of horse experience, and nearly 15 years of study in equine body language,  Find Your North has fine-tuned a collaborative approach that allows you to have a conversation in Equus – it’s like a dance, a chess game and a chat with a friend all rolled into one!

You will gain fluency in:

  • The 3 basic energies common to all animals’ non-verbal communication (*hint: one is your super power and one is your kryptonite!)
  • Creating and maintaining healthy personal boundaries and effectively navigating the boundaries of others
  • Recognizing how emotions show up in your body
  • Equine leadership qualities and how you can learn from a herd animal the secret to self-leadership and cultivating real confidence
  • How your subconscious state ‘leaks out’ in your body language
  • How gender stereotypes are influencing your body language
  • And much, much more!

Your body language can either be working for you or against you, depending on your awareness of it and your ability to connect to your body’s signals and convey to others what you really mean. We invite you to try The Equus Code Program, experience the incredible feeling of building a genuine connection with the horse, and develop your non-verbal communication into a powerful tool for building authenticity in your life and relationships.